Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nebraska Pop Festival 2011 - is coming soon! (August 9 - August 14)

(Photo by Jesse Laney - 2011)

Nebraska Pop Festival 2011 starts August 9 and lasts all the way through August 14th. Come join us in our 3rd consecutive year for a gathering of fun, friends and great new music. 

For a preview of Nebraska Pop Festival 2011 by Ada McEwan of The Examiner, go to the following link  

If you would like to learn more, check out the interview from festival founder Christopher, by The Daily Nebraskan. The interview may be viewed at the following link  

The UNO Gateway (the newspaper at UNO), will be printing a preview regarding Nebraska Pop Festival 2011 of which will appear in next weeks issue. The preview will be available online and in print.

I'd like to take this time to thank all of the supporters of Nebraska Pop Festival. As many of our supporters know,  a lot of work has been put into this great festival. Good hard work by the musicians involved, the beneficiary Arts For All, Inc. and also long hard work by Christopher on a daily basis, with organizational ground work for the 2011 festival dating all the way back to September of 2010. 

We appreciate any support the community of Omaha is willing to give to Nebraska Pop Festival, as all the time and hard work is simply made with the intent for as many people possible to experience and to enjoy. I firmly believe the Nebraska Pop Festival is friendly for all ages, and that all Nebraska Pop Festival events occur in environments that are conducive to building healthy friendships, having fun, and hearing lots of great new music. 

Thank you.